Sunday, May 10, 2015

I'll wait right here for ya, Dad...

I don't know how he does it, but in our house, Dad is always the favorite human.  I'm not sure how he does it - maybe it's the three meals ("Are you hungry?  Do you want some cookies, too?")… Maybe it's the belly scratches or maybe it's the fact that he's around for part of the day when the rest of us are not.  Whatever the reason, this little girl has become very fond of her car rides with dad.  So fond, in fact, that when anyone rattles their keys, she runs for the door and then tries to hop in the first open car door.   Yesterday I was heading out and didn't want her to come with me, so before opening MY car door, I opened dad's car door and she hoped right in.  She did NOT want to get out, even for her dad.  Doesn't that look just scream, "I'll just wait right here, dad, for when you're ready to go."

Monday, May 4, 2015

I LIKE Dandelions...

I was just getting in my car to go get something for lunch today when I noticed this and I stopped in my tracks and squatted down low to get a picture:

…a lawn full of happy little dandelions!  Now don't hate me; I know dandelions are the scourge of almost every home-owning suburban man and many a suburban woman as well, but I really don't get it.        I actually like them.  Ok, I have, on occasion, picked them out of my "lawn" but that's because my grass needs all the help it can get.  In my humble opinion, they make this grass so much more cheerful. Plus, if you don't douse your lawn in chemicals (I know lots of people do) you can add the leaves to your salads because they're really good for you.  Kids love to pick them.  I believe they are usually the first flower a child picks for their mother. Who out there does not remember being a child and picking a dandelion flower gone to seed and blowing on the seeds while making a wish?  Think of all the people who could get wishes from this lawn!  Not to mention how cool they look when you set a seed head aflame… (I've never done it, but the pictures I've seen are cool!)

So don't be a dandelion hater - must I remind you that just a couple of short months ago, this great big expanse was covered in dirty snow? Ah, gotcha.