Sunday, October 2, 2011

The return of the Halloween Idiot

So now that it's October, of course, I'm wondering, what should I be for Halloween?  Nevermind the kids - they like to dress up for Halloween, but they prefer to look through a catalogue and know exactly what their costumes are going to look like.  Me, I like to dream big, and dangerously.

Actually, I start obsessing about a costume some time during the summer.  I never actually start making one then cause I am a procrastinator at heart, but I do start scanning the horizons, looking for ideas that appeal to me.  Last year, I thought I might want to be Poison Ivy from the Batman franchise (Played by Uma Thurman in the movie...  I really wanted to make those crazy leaf eyebrows...) but now, the thought of wearing all green from top to bottom and possibly looking like the jolly green giant... I wore a green suit to school one day when I was teaching and one of my ninth graders said I looked like the jolly green giant...  Did I?  and more to the point, do I want to again? Anyway, that was one idea, and then I thought of Mother Nature. Somewhat timely with the hurricane, I thought, but then I run the very real risk of no one knowing what the heck I am.  Nah, I'll pass on that.

The other day I saw a commercial with a Chinese New Year Dragon costume in it, and I thought, hey, GREAT idea.  I could make a giant paper mache head, decorate it like crazy, and attach a long sheet with semi-circular wire forms on sticks to form the body, and it would look AWESOME.  The problems with that are: 1.  I need some extra people to hold up the body for it to function like a Chinese New Year Dragon, 2. paper mache = time consuming, 3. takes up lots of space.  I'm not ruling it out, though.  Wouldn't it be so cool?

Oh, then there's this other problem.  My husband wants us to be Sonny and Cher.  I don't want to be Sonny and Cher.  Of course, the first time he suggested this, I thought he wanted to be Cher, and he wanted me to be Sonny. I guess was thinking of a former boss of mine and his wife, that boss whom I credit for encouraging my Halloween idiocy, and if anyone reading this used to work with me, you know exactly who I'm referring to.  Anyway, no, my husband was thinking of a more conventional Sonny and Cher, but I still told him that I am not dressing up in those ghastly 70's outfits - no way.

So today I went to the fabric store for some inspiration.  I thought I'd check out the fabrics and see if anything spoke to me.  I saw some great stuff.  I always go for the textured fabrics like crushed velvet, brocade, and other 10.00 a yard plus fabrics.  Check them out:

At first when I saw these I was thinking of the dragon costume.  There was some nice gold panne there that I could have made scales out of, but that material is a real pain to work with - I've used it before.

I just love this fabric.  It almost makes me want to make some kind of Asian costume just so I can use it. 

Then I saw this little group, the colors of which are not done justice by my crappy photo...  too much red in the photo - maybe if I had the black swatch in the photo it would have turned out better...?

Just for the heck of it, I went over and started leafing through the pattern books (14.00 a pattern -YIKES!).  This one looked fun, although, I'm not sure exactly what she's supposed to be.  I noticed that none of them have titles...  I guess it's supposed to be left to your imagination what you are?  It goes with all the opulent fabric, though, doesn't it?  Looks like she's a covered up belly dancer. 

And then I saw a costume for Red Riding Hood and I thought, oh, that would be fun...  I could use the red crushed velvet for the cape, and when I got home later and googled pictures from the most recent movie, they showed her wearing an off-white and/or light blue dress - perfect - I can use that stuff I loved in the picture above (that should be about 60.00 worth of fabric !)  or I can use that black and red stuff...   I tried to pitch being a wolf to my husband. 

decisions, decisions...

Oh yeah, and I have to find a party to wear it to.

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