Friday, January 20, 2012

Tiny Terror

We got a puppy last weekend, and she has already taken over everything.  Meet Zoey, the 12 pound terror.

Who, (with the exception of brand new parents), would think that something in the neighborhood of 10 pounds could so quickly turn your household upside down?  Not only is there a lot of paraphernalia; dog dishes, chewy toys, and things like "wee wee pads" (yuck - but they sure beat the heck out of plain old newspaper)  there are other things to consider as well...  Just because your alarm clock is set for 5:15 does not mean the puppy won't start missing her new human pack at say, 4:30 a.m.  and then what will you do? I mean, you could get a cage, but if you don't plan on using it for long, should you even bother?  If you don't get one, what will you use to corral your new furry child in to her safe location?  Safe, as in, safe for the puppy, and safe for your house...  Is there such a thing as a safe location in your house?  Will your puppy chew the corners of your kitchen cabinets?  Will those old child safety gates also work for a puppy?  By the way, when we trotted out the first safety gate, my son said he remembered being corralled in the den with it when he was little.  But guess what... higher intelligence is still trumped by the much greater spring in Zoey's hind legs - as of today she has vaulted herself over the top of the gate multiple times. 

She seemed so calm when I spotted her in her cage in the animal shelter - sleeping peacefully, all curled up in a ball...  I just knew she wouldn't be a barker, and she really is not.  But that doesn't mean she's not a jumper (maybe "vaulter" or more accurate).  Or a chewer. Does she chew her $8.00 dog toys?  Noooooo.... she'd rather chew an empty water bottle or the top of the battery operated pillar candle I got from Costco.  It no longer has a wick, and it's covered in chew marks.  

Will this be the motivator that finally gets everyone to put their shoes away all the time?  What good is a nice pair of shoes if the toes are all decorated with tiny teeth marks?

Still, she's so damn cute you just want to chase her around the house until she bites all your toes off...

...after she's practiced using her wee wee pads, of course.

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