Monday, August 20, 2012

Filming a shot from an episode of Royal Pains

     A few weeks ago, I was minding my own business at my place of employment when an unusual call came in.  A guy from a filming company called wanting to know if his film company could use my place of employment as a home base for the day for his company.  More specifically, he was calling to secure a location for them to park their trucks, and feed their staff lunch.  He may have, at that point, mentioned the title of the TV show Royal Pains, but to be honest, I don't watch much episodic
television (much to my husband's chagrin, I'm a reality television girl) and the name just didn't stick.

     Unfortunately, due to reasons unknown to me, the guy had to scout out another location, however, I remembered the date in question, and I resolved to look around town on my lunch hour to see if the filming was taking place nearby in a location I could find.

     Sure enough, I hit the jackpot immediately.

     The street leading down to the marina was blocked off by a village patrol car and guys wearing headsets and looking very important.

     Some poor guy on a bike tried to cross the street, and the guys stopped him (apologetically, I will admit) and told him that he couldn't cross because "we're filming and this street is visible in the background."

     Filming was taking place at a location I had actually posted a picture of just about a month and a half ago (see my post, Lunch Time - it's the restaurant with the American flags hanging from the porch)

     As you can see, I would not survive for long as a paparazzi.  I don't have the kahoonahs to go right up and ask for a photo, or to just walk right up and snap a shot without permission.  Still, there were some people just milling around (although, maybe they were part of the entourage) and still others walking on by like, Who cares? (unless, of course, they were extras).

     Oh, how fun it would have been to have them based in our building for the day - then I would not have had to feel sheepish taking a picture.

... and I might have scored some excellent lunch leftovers, too.

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