Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Little Mermaid Jr. - Sketch for The Ocean Surface

Of course, I should be doing 50 other things right now, particularly coming up with a craft project for Girl Scouts, which is tomorrow night, so that means I had to quickly sketch out this drawing of scene 1 from The Little Mermaid Jr. It's "The Ocean Surface."

The majority of the waves are made up of ribbons or strips of fabric stretching horizontally across the stage and held by stage crew kids on stage left and stage right.  There are kids holding one strip behind the main curtain, and another pair of kids holding a second set of wave strips behind the mid-curtain (is that called a traveler?  I think it might be...)

Kids can also stand in the "pit" in the front and hold wooden waves on sticks.  There is a glittery sun hanging at the ocean surface on the back curtain - we can leave fishing line strips with loops at the end, and there can be hooks on the back of the sun for easy attachment and removal.  OR, we can get the lighting guy to make us a setting sun of light - or we can do both.

Finally, if we are WAY ahead of schedule and full of ambition, we (notice I said we?) can make a flat ship on wheels that another stage crew pair can pull across the stage - yahoo!

Ariel can dance in between the waves and look like an expert swimmer - all without filling the stage with water.

Triton's Court next...

... and now back to chores...

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