Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Costume Mom to the Rescue - Native American girl costume

As I have previously stated, I am the Costume Queen...  Me and my big mouth.  

My daughter's class is putting on a play in a few weeks, and she is a Native American.  She didn't really want this part because it has no lines, but she was pretty happy about the costume.  She likes to dress up, and she's also heard her mother brag on numerous occasions that she is the Queen of Costume Creation.  Of course, bragging, and doing are two totally different things.  Doing requires time, effort, and trips the fabric store.  I was happy to back up my bragging with lots of talk and even a trip to the fabric store, but then, the actually sewing had to happen, and this week was the deadline.  I've put off opening the box of my 200 dollar sewing machine after being brutally disappointed by the death of my 600+ dollar sewing machine.  Still, to make a costume, you need a machine.  

The good news is, the cheap machine works fine.  Here's how I whipped up this costume...

I had my daughter lie down on the floor on the folded fabric that was folded in half lengthwise.  With a piece of chalk, I traced a line around her body a few inches out on each side (If in doubt, make it too big - you can always sew smaller, but if it's too small, there's nothing you can do but cut again...).  The shape you see is roughly the shape I cut out.  Then put right sides together, an sew the sides, and then the shoulder seams.  If this was supposed to be a real, lasting garment, or was made of material that frayed on the edges, I'd have to turn the edges under and sew them, but luckily this fabric doesn't unravel (it's ultra suede - made to look like real suede) so I didn't need take that step, and as a friend of mine says, "THEY'RE NOT GOING TO SEE THAT FROM THE AUDIENCE!"

I then cut out strips of the lighter color fabric, and sewed it along the edges with the right sides together so that when the light color fabric makes a band at the bottom.  Then I snipped strips up the light colored band of fabric to make fringe.  She wanted two layers of fringe, so I did this twice, and I also did the same thing along the neckline.  

So the basic costume is done, and my daughter likes it.  Thank goodness!  I'm going to make a belt that ties with some suede string tomorrow, and she's going to decorate it.  Accessories really make the costume, so we'll see what we come up with as the date of the play comes closer.  I've also been asked to make some props, among them, a very large key.  

More to come...  

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