Friday, November 27, 2015

Thankful - The Little Things are the Big Things

This is my daughter, wearing her mangled eyeglasses.  She was in her room recently, doing her homework and talking via FaceTime with a friend, when her brother burst into her room in a bubble of 16 year old exuberance. He demanded to know what she was talking about, and picked her up, spun her around (flinging her glasses off in the process) and then dropped her on her bed, the better able to demand from her friend a recounting of what they were talking about. It was all fun and games until...
Crunch. She stepped with both feet on her glasses. 

There was yelling... Screaming, demands to "get out of my room" countered by halfhearted excuses made by her brother, who truly meant no harm.

Now, you want to know why I put all this in a post about being thankful for the little things. Because this "little thing" is that the next day they were joking about it. He was sheepish, and she was willing to pose for my picture in the mangled glasses. And the glasses were able to be fixed. And more importantly, they like each other again, which is a big thing. And I am thankful.

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