Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Get crafty with your Easter basket

     So maybe you've seen the flimsy Easter baskets out there in the stores...  When my son was a baby, I decided that instead of buying a new, rickety Easter basket every year, I'd make a really NICE one, and we'd leave it out empty on Easter Eve and let the bunny fill it up, sort of like Santa does with the stockings.  I bought a sturdy basket at Michael's (Here's a link. You can see their latest circular, but I'm not sure you can buy online:  and I got assorted ribbons and trim at Wal-Mart.  I bought a few rolls of promotional ribbon and trim in coordinating colors (blues for my son, and when my daugher was born, pinks and purples for her) and I attached them with the help of one of my dearest friends, my hot glue gun.  I just glued a drop here and there along the ribbon or trim to secure the ends and to keep the lines in place.  Plan on doubling or tripling the circumference of your basket, plus a few inches more to overlap the ends.  As you can see on the pink basket, small decorative items (such as the rosettes I used) work well here, too. 

     The baskets are strong, easy to make, and hold a HUGE amount (great for the kids, although bad for the bunny's wallet) and make a nice keepsake.

Happy Spring Crafting!

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