Monday, August 22, 2011

Sunday afternoon blues...

Even though we had so much to do this weekend that I felt like I should have put on my sneakers and a track suit on Thursday night, by late Sunday afternoon I had a major case of the Sunday blues...  Where are the laundry elves when you need them?  I was close to a mental meltdown when the hubby suggested we take a short ride out east to pick some raspberries, get some veggies, and maybe a pie. 

What a great idea!  I brought my camera but (stupidly) left it in the car while we picked berries.  Just in case anyone is wondering, here on Long Island, blueberries are pretty much done, blackberries are not quite at their peek, but the raspberries were wonderful!  We picked just one quart (enough to stain your hands in a somewhat alarming shade of red), but plenty of other people were picking baskets and baskets... some of them were even plopped down in the raspberry aisles, feasting on the contents of their baskets like kids in Willie Wonka's factory.  I should have taken the camera.

Next we stopped at a farmstand.  Everything looked so GOOD... made me want to cook (well, almost).

Look, it's my cabbage version of Monet's "Irises" painting.  Ha, ha!

Don't you want to make soup when you see this?  I'm thinking a nice corn chowder...

Gotta love those sunflowers!  Unfortunately, the deer at my house love them, too.

I made raspberry jam when we got home - forget the laundry!  I didn't use a recipe (I like to live dangerously sometimes).  It came out a little watery, but it tasted great ("Mom, this is the BEST raspberry jam I've ever tasted."  Thanks, son. It may be the only raspberry jam he's tasted, but who cares?  I'm glad summer's not quite over yet. I still have a lot of things (besides laundry) to do. 

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