Sunday, January 6, 2013

Find something you love to do, and fit it into your life

I spent much of the day painting these frogs for the play.  All that's left for them to be complete is for me to paint their eyeballs and nostrils (not too time consuming), and if it works under the black lights we installed, give them some florescent highlights.  Then I have to paint their backs black, so that if the kids accidentally turn them the other way while on stage, they become invisible.  A friend took eight cranes home and painted them (thank you, CM!) and we are going to meet up again after school tomorrow to move along to the next groups of animals.

A nice quiet task like this leaves you with plenty of time to think.  A few friends of mine are going through some tough times right now, and while I painted, I thought of them.  I thought of them, and the healing power of creativity.  When you are low, nothing picks you up like creating something beautiful, or something funny, or just something that makes someone else happy.  If we are created in God's image, and God is the ultimate creator, isn't it logical that creating would make us happy, too?

To those in pain, I wish you peace, and then, when you're ready, happiness.  I hope they find something they really love to do and make time for it.  Like I make time for this, because, quite frankly, my house needs some organization, but that doesn't give me joy the way this does.  And if they are lacking for ideas of what they can create, I have 27 more animals that need painting.

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