Friday, January 11, 2013

Scenery Update in Pictures

Update:  Paint cans everywhere.  Painted objects everywhere.  

Plans getting revised...
 and revised again.

Forty-something animals, all painted black on the back, and painted with colors on the front...

...and various glow-in-the-dark paints, that have yet to be decided upon. 

Semi-circular "whale bones" for Ursula's Lair.  (They're primed in this picture -  I told my helpers for today to paint them bright white.  Of course, bright white latex does not glow under black lights - 
Who Knew?

FORTY-SOMETHING animals, I tell ya. Painted multiple times. 

A rock in its preliminary stage of development.  (flanked by some of the animals in their primed state...)

One of the stairs onto King Triton's throne, currently holding up a whale bone as it dries...

The back of King Triton's Throne - behind the framework of a stair for the pit. 

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