Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Treasure Hunting in the Woods

This weekend, the family and I went out for a little walk in the woods nearby to do a little treasure hunting with our metal detector.  Let me be clarify right away - we had no idea what we were doing.

Right down the road from us is a house where, supposedly, George Washington once slept, so we thought we might get lucky and find something old...  maybe some old coins, or buttons from the Revolutionary War.

Or more likely, a hunk of metal from the 1960's.

Well, first we found some deer scat.  In case your wondering, that's the official term for deer poop.

...and some hoof prints.  

I found some of this stuff.  

If I was a deer, I'd sleep on it.  It looks nice and soft, doesn't it?

We crossed a few small streams, most of the time with the help of pre-placed planks and/or logs.

...and then we dug for treasure.  The beeper kept going off.  As soon as we'd finish one hole, we'd walk a few steps and find another possible site.  Of course, most of the beeps were caused by bbs.

Our big metal-detected treasures of the afternoon were a nail...

...and a couple more nail-like things.

My son got a lot of joke mileage out of the object on the top  in the picture above.  He's 13.  
That may explain it.  

More impressive was the moss....

the views of nature...

the few, weird plants

What IS this stuff?  It look like something that might eat meat.  I suspect it's skunk cabbage, but if you really do know for sure, feel free to comment...  I see it every spring.

Placing bets on who could jump a stream and NOT get wet was also fun.

Success!!  (THIS time...)

Poking around in the water was also fun, but would have been even better if it was warmer.

Turns out the real treasure was the walk itself.

Looking forward to next time.

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