Monday, December 8, 2014

Mushu Dragon Head - Carving the Foam

I carved the Mushu head tonight.  

I had other things to do, but I thought, I'll just try this for a few minutes and see how it goes. Haha.

I started with what you see below.  

Basically, I took off the parts that seemed to pronounced.  I tried to make the whole thing a bit more sleek.  You know, if you can call a costume head made of foam "sleek." 

I can see that I'll probably have to fill in a few spots, in addition to finishing the ears and the edges underneath.   Each touch up with require another can, since I can see how the stuff would definitely gum up the nozzle and most like not work a second time.  

You definitely don't need a serrated knife to cut this, but your knife DOES have to be sharp.  I used a regular box cutter, so I kind of had to gouge and tear off pieces, but it was not TOO bad.  A sharp, longer, flexible knife life a filet knife would probably be much better, but who wants to dull their good knife on a block of foam?  

I still think I'm probably going to cover it with fabric scales anyway, but I'm not sure. Either way, I believe I'll have to coat it in glue first to keep the foam from melting.  

Mushu Costume head and lower jaw - made of carved Great Stuff.

I didn't realize until I was done that there were two teeth on that lower jaw.  It will need a bit more carving after the foam patch job, I guess.  More in a few days...  

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