Saturday, January 3, 2015

Mushu Costume Head - getting there!

Since it's almost the last day of Christmas Vacation, I figured I'd better get moving.  My Mushu head needed some foam touch-ups in a few areas.  I bought My second can of Great Stuff (and I'm now more convinced than ever that is really is Great Stuff…) and I sprayed a couple of things in the basement this morning (the others will be in another post).  It was dry enough for me to carve at about 7 this evening.    I added a layer to a low spot on the right side of the face, covered the halves of the ears close to the head (I will cover the ends with just the fabric) and I filled in the backs of the horns and a little bit under the jaw - nothing really noticeable in this picture.

When it was dry I carved off the excess again (this time, avoiding my thumb) and gave it a coat of Elmer's wood glue mixed with a little bit of water - I wanted to make sure my paint layer would stick.  

When I was painting, I was wondering if maybe I should just go with paint, but I decided I'll also add the fabric, and here's why:

1. Carved Great Stuff is loaded with holes.  I can't efficiently get the paint in all of them.

2. I'm using a box cutter to carve, and while it's more than sharp enough to cut, the blade is too short to  make nice smooth cuts across just the surface. I'm winding up with a lot of channels when I need to remove a large area.

3.  My paint looks kind of PINK, and what the hell? PINK??

4.  It kind of reminds me of a devil head at this point, and who needs that?  I think the scales will make the dragon identity more clear. 

So, as soon as I post this, I'm off to cut my fabric into strips of scales and then to ponder what kind of glue I should use (Probably Tacky Glue…?) 

Oh, and I need to spring for a new pair of fabric scissors. 
After 30 years they are finally getting dull enough to be annoying.  

(Yes, I got them for Christmas when I was just born. LOL)

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