Sunday, September 18, 2016

Seussian Grass

My next prop for Seussical Jr. is a little patch of Seussian grass.  Horton is supposed to sit in the grass and look for the speck of dust that holds the tiny town of Whoville. I thought a circle of grass would be good.  He can sit in the middle and ponder the flowers.

I had my husband cut a few 2x4s into 5 of these shapes.

Then I drilled some holes the ends and attached them together with hinges.  I also put wheels on the bottom of each piece.  I only bought 5 wheels (because I was cheeping out) but it's too wobbly.  I need at least 5 more - really I could use 10 more, but the wheels are about 2.50 each and I don't want to spend 25.00 on wheels.  

Each side of each 2x4 you see above gets a piece of cardboard "grass" attached.  I cut a low piece for the front side of each board, and a tall side for the back of each board.  I may label them, too, so the stage crew is sure to face the correct side to the audience.  I'm going to attach them to the boards after I bring the whole thing to school since I can picture it really flapping around in the bed of the pickup truck.  I'll post another shot when it's all attached and I've added the flowers.

Goodnight, everyone - till next time!

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