Thursday, September 15, 2016

Seussical Jr. - Main Stage Piece

There are loads of props in seussical Jr., but I think I have finally nailed down a plan for our largest set piece.  I was looking for something that would add height to the stage and incorporate those crazy, Seussian curves. 

It starts with this basic structure:

It's a row of 5 cubes (if you count the stairs on each side as a cubes). The center 3 pieces are open front and back and they are actually 6 pieces rather than 3. Each is only 2 feet deep; the one behind is another 2 feet deep, creating a total of 4 feet in depth. With minimal disassembly, this allows for easier transport and storage in the basement, which would be next to impossible with a 4 foot cube.

Now that I'm thinking about it, we might have to split the stair unit on each side into two pieces as well. Those would be split on the horizontal - bottom two stairs, one piece, top two stairs another.  When the structural pieces are complete, they'll be lined up and attached together for stability.  A series of tall, round, loopy designs will attach to the back to form a sort of back railing, and another group of shorter looped designs will attach to the front to form a railing on the front side as well.

So now I have to figure out how much lumber we're going to need.  I can't find my worksheet at the moment, but it looks like each of the 6 cubes in the middle will require 1 sheet of plywood and about 42 feet of 2x4s, or some other combination of 2x4-like lumber.  Math time!

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