Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Mad Hatter's Tea Party

     I'm switching from giant mushroom production to scenery for the Mad Hatter's Tea Party.  It's not because I've lost interest in the mushrooms, but because the set construction guy may be somewhat of a procrastinator.  On Monday, I think I'm going to give him a list of what I need, and the dates I need each piece.  So this weekend I'm beginning work on decorations for the tea party's chairs, and possibly the UnBirthday Cake and the teapot.

     I found these chairs at school in the prop room downstairs.

     I love the three that don't match - they're just what I had in mind.  The other five all came from a set, and the seats are VERY loose, and when you move them around, it seems like they might fall apart.  The actors are supposed to play musical chairs at the tea party, so these 5 chairs might be too rickety for our purposes.  I asked around, and I think I can rustle up 5 more chairs.  I even thought of one in my own basement that I had high hopes of refinishing, oh, about 10 years ago, when my schedule was a little less packed.

     Don't you LOVE it?  It still needs a little more tender loving care, though.  I have to cut a plywood seat and substitute that for what was supposed to be a cane seat. The specks of paint that are still on it shouldn't be really noticable on stage, and if they are, it should just add to the nutty ambiance of the tea party, right?

     I bought a few yards of coordinating fabric to make seats and chair skirts, and maybe a couple of bows for the backs of a few chairs.  I want every chair to look different, but I want them all to coordinate.  Here's my fabric. 

     The print was my inspiration fabric (yeah, I sometimes watch those HGTV shows).  The yellow fabric is heavy, so I'll use it mostly for the seat covers if I need any, and the green and orange are accent colors.  I also have some darker green satin leftover from the woman doing the costumes. I might add some flowers to the backs of the seats, too. 

     I thought I could make the teapot, teacups and UnBirthday Cake some combination of bright blue, hot pink and lime green.  That is a paper mache issue, and most certainly the subject of a future post.  Oh, and I also need a tablecloth or two (as you can see, I'm in charge of props as well).  FESTIVE!  I want this tea party to look like a somewhat-coordinated, eccentric, happy, nutty mess. I should need sunglasses by the time I'm done.

     What do you think??

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