Tuesday, January 4, 2011


     Sometimes, once you start eating snack, you have a hard time stopping.  We just experienced the holiday season, so you know I’m right. 
     With that thought in mind…  We came home today, and my 11 year-old son sat down in the den to play video games, when he noticed some odd fluttering by the bird feeder outside the den window.  
“MOM!!”  He yelled.  “There’s a bird stuck INSIDE the bird feeder!”
     Sure enough, there was a little guy stuck inside the feeder, trying to get out by pecking at the glass around him. My son ran outside immediately to rescue him. 

“WAIT!  DON’T LET HIM OUT YET!”  I had to get my camera. 
     I’m such an altruist.
     Apparently, the little guy had been enjoying his bird seed so much, that he just couldn’t deal with the fact that the feeder was pretty much empty.  He must have kept reaching in… just another millimeter… one more seed... just one more until…
     Thwop!  He was the star of his own little animated snow globe.
     It was just a little seasonal overindulgence. 

     We opened up the top and he flew out immediately, landing on a nearby branch and fluffing his feathers against the insult of it all. 

     And I believe that, my friends, is how New Year’s Resolutions were born.

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