Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Elizabeth Morton Wildlife Refuge

The Elizabeth Morton Wildlife Refuge is located in Sag Harbor, NY. It is a coastal area, on the north shore of Long Island's south fork. There are wooded trails that lead down to the water, and an abundance of wildlife can be seen along the way. Chipmunks and birds are fairly comfortable with humans visiting their woods, some may even take food from an outstretched hand. The trick is to stay very still and quiet, and hold a few sunflower seeds in your open hand so that they can see it... In the winter when there is less food available to them, the birds in particular are very willing to come and partake. In the summer, they have other options, but still, an occasional sparrow or chickadee will land and have a seed or two. This is a great day trip for families, the kids will love it, and the beach is at the end of the trail so you can spend time there when you are done feeding the birds!

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